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    ISONEL 31-398 is a general-purpose, modified polyester varnish for conventional dip
    and bake application. Specially formulated for use in abbreviated baking cycles, it
    cures quickly to a clear, tough, semirigid film. ISONEL 31-398 provides excellent 
    performance and economy in Class A (105 C) through Class H (180 C) design applications.
    ISONEL 31-398 is certified as meeting all requirements of military specification 
    MIL-I-24092 for Grade CB, Composition I, Class 155.
    ISONEL 31-398 is designed for general-purpose application on transformers, stators 
    and armatures. 
    Viscosity at 77F(25 C)
       Zahn #2 (seconds)							95-135
       Centipoises								275-370
    Specific Gravity at 77F(25 C)						0.920-0.935
    Solids Content, %							46-50
    Flash Point (ASTM D 56-70, F/C)						85-29
    Viscosity Reducer							Xylol
    ISONEL 31-298 cures in one to two hours at 275-325F(135-163C), the actual cycle 
    depending on oven efficiency and the weight and shape of the treated unit. 
    	Electrical - Dielectric Strength (ASTM D 115) on copper
    		Dry -			4150 Volts/Mil
    		Wet -			3050 Volts/Mil
    	Mechanical - Helical Coil Bond Strength (ASTM D 2519 on MW-35)
    		77F (25 C)	-	45.0 Pounds (20.5kg)
    		302F (150 C)	-	4.0 Pounds (1.8kg)
    			-Weight Loss (ASTM D 2756-68)
    	48 hours at 392F (200 C)	-	7.7%
    	98 hours at 392F (200 C)		10.6%
    U.L. 1446 THERMAL ENDURANCE (based on 20,000 hours intercept)
    				Twisted Pair		Helical Coil
    		MW-16		220			180
    		MW-24#		155			180
    		MW-28		130			155
    		MW-30		180			200
    		MW-35		180			200
    ISONEL 31-66	- ISONEL 31-398 in a "Rule 66" (nonphotochemically reactive) 
    		        solvent system.
    ISONEL 31-66HF-ISONEL 31-398 in a high-flash point, "Rule 66"
    			(nonphotochemically reacive) solvent system.
    ISONEL 31 Black-ISONEL 31-398 with a black pigment, particularly suited for 
    		           exterior finishes.

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